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The City of Georgetown conducted an Economic Development Workforce Analysis released in August, 2017. The goal of this report was to gain a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving local economy and learn how to increase business investment throughout the city. The analysis reveals an economic climate bursting at the seams with growth and business opportunities for workers and employers alike.

Expanding all the way from south Austin to Temple, Georgetown’s workforce labor shed includes more than 700,000 relatively young, educated workers who possess a variety of skill sets. Nearly 45% of Georgetown residents possess a bachelor’s degree or higher level of educational attainment – exceeding state and US averages – and the city has consistently seen a high rate of talent attraction and production in past years.

Our economic climate is ideal for many different types of businesses, as well. Over the past five years, some of the fastest growing industries in the city have included Manufacturing, Professional and Business Services and Financial Activities. Georgetown’s employment gains have been bolstered by growth across virtually every occupational cluster. This dynamic is projected to continue through 2021. We expect Healthcare, Retail, Electronics, Entertainment, and Construction to account for the most job growth in Georgetown in the years to come.

You can find a more granular examination of Georgetown’s economic and demographic information in the full report below. It also includes additional information on workforce profiles and and a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis – everything a prospective business needs to know before calling Georgetown their home.

Economic Development Workforce Analysis

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Georgetown Labor Shed

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We’re Committed to Workforce Development

The Georgetown Workforce Development Alliance, a partnership between the City of Georgetown, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Georgetown Independent School District, works to align quality education with workforce development needs. The goal of WDA is to help the city not only attract workforce talent, but to produce it.

WDA organizes several events throughout the year including an annual job fair, a veterans job fair, a Career Explore Day for middle school students and Teacher Externships for local GISD teachers. To learn more about the efforts of WDA, click here.

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