Business Retention Project

Georgetown’s economy is growing with new residential and commercial developments, increasing population, and new businesses. Another factor in Georgetown’s growth that may be less visible, but no less important, is the success of existing businesses. The growth of existing businesses boosts the local economy as they hire more employees, add locations, or invest in facilities.

Understanding the opportunities, issues, and concerns of these businesses is the focus of the City of Georgetown and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce as they partner to reach out to local businesses. The City’s Economic Development Department and Chamber leaders partner in outreach efforts by regularly contacting and meeting with business leaders from a variety of sectors. Outreach teams include City Economic Development Department staff and volunteers from the business community who have served as past chairs or vice chairs of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors who have trained to participate in the business retention program.

In meeting with local businesses, the teams learn about company backgrounds, the impact of workforce availability, training needs, market influences, supplier proximity, and experience with local services such as transportation, safety, and utilities. During the course of the conversation, the teams use a survey to record information. The survey is made available to businesses in advance of the visit.

Conchita Gusman, program manager for the City Economic Development Department, says, “The purpose of the effort is not just to complete a survey, but to establish and continue a face-to-face relationship. We want members of our business community to know we appreciate their choice to continue doing business in Georgetown and when they have questions, issues, or concerns, they have access to their business retention team member.”

For information on the Georgetown Business Retention Program please contact Conchita Gusman at 512-930-8475.



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