Thriving Business

Georgetown offers many compelling advantages and amenities to its local businesses.  This includes a tax rate that is one of the lowest in central Texas, a City-owned utility system that delivers 100% renewable power,  and an expanding transportation system that stays ahead of the community’s growth and provides ready access between Georgetown and the four major Texas cities.  In addition, Georgetown employers enjoy strong support and a true partnership with City government, the local Chamber of Commerce, and Southwestern University to maintain an environment where businesses can succeed.

Business continue to relocate to and grow in Georgetown.  The success of these businesses has contributed an average of 650+/- new jobs per year over the last 8 years.  We celebrate and support our businesses from retail outlets to life-sciences companies.  For a look at some of the businesses that call Georgetown home, click on the links to the left to watch the videos and read through the stories of business leaders and press releases.


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