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Professional Services

An Attractive Professional Services Locale

Ranging from engineering to art and design to software and IT, professional services include many different kinds of skilled services that usually help to support other industries. With a focus on the research and development of new products, systems and software, this sector of the economy is a great source of innovation. When these services are performing well, it is typically an indication of a healthy business climate for other industries. The professional services industry grew 66% between 2011 and 2016 in Georgetown and is expected to grow another 28% through 2021.

Georgetown’s northern and southern labor sheds combined contain more than 80,000 individuals working in professional services occupations. These include computer specialists, architects, researchers, drafters and other technicians. Young professionals in particular are attracted to Georgetown due to its well-developed infrastructure, affordable, good quality of life and access to high-performing education systems. Learn more about how our professional services industry breaks down below.

Professional Services

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