Georgetown Economic Development

Life Sciences

Home to a Rapidly Growing Life Sciences Industry

Covering a wide range of technology, products and services, Georgetown’s life sciences industry has attracted many businesses in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical technology fields. Life Sciences requires significant education and training for their workers, and our large labor shed supports this growing sector of the economy with over 74,000 professionals working in nursing and home healthcare, health technologies, physical sciences and other healthcare and bioscience positions. Jobs in these areas have grown in Georgetown in recent years and are expected to continue doing so.

Georgetown’s desirable location near top education institutions, strong entrepreneurial climate, abundant natural resources and sizable skilled workforce make our community an excellent location for companies working in the life sciences industry.

Life Sciences

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Georgetown Health Foundation

GHF is dedicated to accelerating positive change in our community’s health and supporting the healthcare system in Georgetown. They work collaboratively with local organizations and nonprofits to ensure critical needs of the healthcare system are met such as access to affordable healthcare, education, transportation and others. GHF also owns extensive land that could be developed into an expanded medical district. To learn more about the resources and grants they have to offer, click here.

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