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A City Growing in Large and Small Ways

While Georgetown may still be appreciated for its small-town feel, the city has seen explosive economic growth in the past decade. Between 2011 and 2016, overall employment grew 21% to reach 28,000 jobs, faster than the surrounding labor shed and the Austin metro area. Our growing workforce supports a diverse group of employers across industries including Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Professional Services, Retail and Trade and Transportation. There are currently over 3,000 business in Georgetown. Of those, more than 73% are considered micro businesses, having ten employees or less. This positive growth among small businesses reflects a thriving economy and strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Below, you’ll find Georgetown’s largest private employers as reported by the company.

Top 15 Non-Government Businesses

Company NameEmployees
Airborn, Inc.630
St. David’s Hospital Georgetown525
Southwestern University450
Wesleyan Homes420
Caring Home Health310
Smile Doctors300
Chatsworth Products Georgetown240
Lone Star Circle of Care238
Rock Springs Hospital224
Georgetown Behavioral Health Hospital205
Georgetown Rail Equipment Company180
Tasus Texas180
Monument Group150
R&D Molders134
Texas Electric Cooperatives110
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