Forward Thinking

The City of Georgetown Texas is committed to supporting the growth and success of its businesses today and into the future. Whether it be workforce, roads, utility infrastructure, safety, or financial tools to help businesses succeed, City leaders are constantly planning and implementing programs to ensure citizens and businesses enjoy an outstanding quality of life.

Since 1911, Georgetown’s municipally-owned electric utility has provided reliable power and outstanding service to its customers.  Now Georgetown will join the handful of forward thinking communities to provide 100% renewable, clean energy to its customers.  Georgetown is home to one of the fastest growing and most talented workforces in the nation.  In addition, companies located in Georgetown have access to the Austin metropolitan area workforce surpassing three-quarters of a million people.   Without question, the regional workforce is one of the most technologically proficient in the country with thousands of workers in the region employed in such industries as electronics manufacturing, software development, computer services, biotechnology, and data services.

There are a number of  organizations providing workforce recruiting and training resources for businesses and workers in the region.  These organizations also provide a wealth of information to assist businesses in planning day-to-day and long range operations.  The staff of the Georgetown Economic Development board can help direct you to the organization best equipped to meet your needs.

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