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Georgetown’s bioscience community is thriving

Founded in 2007, the Texas Life-Sciences Collaboration Center (TLCC) is evolving from a business incubator into a center for established, flourishing companies as well as start-ups utilizing the incubator space. The idea to create a center where bio-science entrepreneurs can share ideas remains strong with continued support of the City, Chamber of Commerce and Southwestern University.

Texas Life-Sciences Collaboration Center Companies:


Radix BioSolutions

The cornerstone of Radix BioSolutions is the ability to perform high radix logoquality assay development and production services as well as bioanalytical sample testing services for customers in a highly efficient manner.



Specializes in enhancing the delivery of small drug molecules with a proprietary drug delivery technology, KinetiSol.



KJ Scientific

Environmental testing biotech company that focuses on using new technology to analyze chemicals for bioaccumulation potential that may affect human and wildlife health.  They provide both services and products, and utilize new and exciting alternative technology to determine bioaccumulation potential of chemicals.



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