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Georgetown Economic Development

Business Community

Georgetown and the entire Austin metro area enjoy one of the healthiest business climates in the United States. Collaboration within the metro area is strong and has resulted in high ratings and rankings on an impressive number of national and global lists.

A diverse mix of successful businesses in Georgetown creates a strong and stable economic base making Georgetown a metro area leader.  Georgetown businesses credit the community’s entrepreneurial camaraderie, educated and motivated workforce, low tax, low utility rates, and exceptional quality-of-life as key factors to their business success.  Georgetown residents and businesses understand the importance of fostering existing and attracting new businesses.  This is apparent by the outstanding participation in and support of local businesses and business initiatives.

Business leaders in Georgetown are proud to tell their story and help others succeed.  To see a few of these inspiring success stories and learn more about the Georgetown business climate, click here.  The city of Georgetown is committed to helping businesses succeed by implementing business-friendly programs and innovative solutions to enhance our excellent quality of life now and into the future.

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