City Resources

City Resources

The City of Georgetown offers multiple resources for your small business, including our Planning Department, permits for business and signage, economic development initiatives, and more.


Georgetown’s Planning Department ensures that all businesses within Georgetown adhere to the same standards and support the city’s goals and maintain the high quality Georgetown is known for. To that end, they offer access to:

The Development Manual

The Unified Development Code Manual page provides applicants with the information and forms necessary to complete the UDC application. Here you can find links to all of the forms and fees processed by the Planning Department can be found here, along with meeting dates. You can also find applications related to subdivisions and land use.

The UDC Document itself lists regulations for maintaining a unified Georgetown, which will include regulations involving signage, storefronts, landscaping, etc.

Comprehensive Planning

Georgetown has a comprehensive plan for future development, culminating in the 2030 Plan. Plans for parks, open spaces, land use and transportation will be relevant to planning your business.

Permitting and Signage

In order to put up signs for your business you need to apply for a sign permit, and in order to build or remodel for your business you need to fill out the appropriate permits.


The Sign Permitting Checklist includes the checklists for various types of signage (wall, freestanding, temporary banner) and the permit application itself. In order to find the applications, rules and regulations, HARC/Downtown/Old Town Overlay, and information about sign questions, inspections and the permits and inspection schedule you can go to the Sign Permits page.


If you are looking to construct a new building for your business or remodel an existing structure, you’ll need to fill out the Commercial Building Permit Application. The process to submit the application, with included links to relevant communication portals, may be found on the Commercial Building Permits page.

Georgetown Electricity & Water Services

Connecting utilities for your business differs from setting up residential utilities, involving another commercial application.

Connecting Utilities

Prior to occupying the space or opening for business, the City of Georgetown requires that all businesses have a valid Commercial Service Application or Certificate of Occupancy. After completing the application and paying the permit fee, the zoning for the space will be verified and then a fire and building inspection will be scheduled. If the fire and building inspections are not passed, utilities will be disconnected.

Economic Development

The City of Georgetown Economic Development Department encourages economic development and growth, with a focus on small and local businesses. You can check out the business climate in Georgetown and look at our retention program as well as the incentives offered for relocating your business to Georgetown.

Business Climate

The Business Climate page provides information as to Georgetown’s workforce data, major employers, annual economic symposium, development process, and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce.

Business Retention

Georgetown’s Business Retention & Expansion Program (BR&E) supports local businesses to grow and strengthen our economy. If you are looking to start your business in Georgetown the BR&E team can help connect you to current business leaders, and if you currently have a business in Georgetown the BR&E team can help you expand. More information and contacts can be found on the BR&E page.

The BR&E hosts events throughout the year intended to engage local businesses with the community and show appreciation for their contributions to Georgetown. These include the Annual Georgetown Business Appreciation Lunch and Bowl and the Economic Development Symposium, among others that can be found on the event calendar.

Business Incentives

Georgetown offers incentives for businesses that wish to relocate or expand in Georgetown. These benefits may include tax waivers, utility infrastructure reimbursement and other incentives. Business incentives may differ between Georgetown and Williamson County as a whole, and more in-depth information about the individual resources for both can be found on the Resources and Incentives page.

Main Street Program

Downtown Georgetown is a vibrant mixed-use district that is primed for redevelopment efforts. It’s not by chance that downtown is a destination for residents and visitors alike. Through concentrated efforts and careful planning, the heart of Georgetown continues to improve and thrive, growing each year as the bustling city center it was intended to be. The award-winning Georgetown Main Street Program is recognized as a leading program among the national network of more than 1,200 communities who share both a commitment to creating high-quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.

Click here to find additional information about annual downtown events, resources for small businesses and more.

Downtown Events

Downtown Georgetown hosts events throughout the year, including Second Saturday Markets, the Red Poppy Festival and Breakfast Bites. All of these events are open to the public and bring increased visibility to the involved businesses.

Public Library

The Georgetown public library offers many resources for aspiring business owners. Check out books on business and economics or utilize the Business and Financial Information resource page for databases focused on running a business.

Chamber Of Commerce

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce page offers general business resources such as links to local and state governing bodies, free small business counseling and information about starting a business in Georgetown.

Certificate of Origins

Importing goods from overseas? The Certificate of Origin is an important international trade document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. The Chamber of Commerce issues these writs.

Business Events/Industry Groups

The Chamber of Commerce hosts multiple events throughout the year, including the Annual Chamber Banquet. At the Annual Chamber Banquet the awards include Small Business of the Year, a good boost for your business.

The Business Network Lunch is held on a monthly basis and gives businesses a chance to speak about their organization and network with others.

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