Business Spotlight

KJ Scientific is a woman-owned company and one of the original jewels of the Texas Life Science Collaboration Center (TLCC) located in Georgetown.  Headed by CEO, Dr. Karla Johanning the company is internationally recognized for their work in Advanced Environmental Testing in toxicology for risk assessment of chemicals.  They are the preferred testing lab of some of the largest fragrance materials  companies as well as household products industry. Most recently they established a subsidiary company- KJ Scientific Independent Testing Labs (KJ SCI-ITL), an ISO 17025 certified testing lab dedicated to HEMP & CBD testing.   Congratulations on this great accomplishment of being one of the few ISO certified testing labs in Texas so far!  KJ Scientific -ITL will be dedicated to HEMP & CBD testing for regulatory purposes here in Texas and are able to do business with other states that legalized Hemp. 

KJ SCI-ITL will be testing for the following primarily in HEMP but also in the oil extracted for CBD and final products for the consumers (tinctures, lotions, edibles etc…):

  • potency (CBD concentration, THC to make sure is below the allowable 0.3%)
  • metals
  • pesticides
  • terpenes (what gives odor and taste in plants)
  • residual solvents (alcohols used for extracting the CBD oil)
  • and eventually several types of mold and bacteria

a service fast, reliable, analysis of drinking water for lead and copper under the Texas Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). Using an EPA approved drinking water method, ION supports community water systems, non-transient non-community water systems, including public buildings, public and charter schools, homeowners, restaurants, food trucks, or any one who just wants to know if their water is safe to drink”. ION was established by chemist, Xavier Escobar in Georgetown in 2020 as a NELAP accredited Drinking Water certified lab co-located at the TLCC.

KJ Scientific has participated in the Business Retention & Expansion program for several years and we are excited by their growth potential and wish them continued success in Georgetown.

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